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Lantzanakis Esates olive oil from Sitia.

Lantzanakis Estate produces olive oil from the mountainous village of Krya, in the Sitia area. The olives are derived from a single estate and unique tree species in East Crete. The organic and traditional biodynamic practices used to cultivate this olive oil, contribute to its rich flavor, fruity aroma, texture, and low acidity.

Organic olives groves in Sitia, East Crete.

The Lantzanakis family has a long tradition and expertise in producing fine, pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The history of Lantzanakis begins around 1990 and some of their trees are more than half century old and passed on from one generation to the next. This inheritance has been enriched by planting new trees and have reached the point of cultivating over 4000 trees in total. In 1995 the family decided to turn to organic farming and they we were the pioneers in the Sitia region. They have their own bottling plant, meaning full control of production and bottling and therefore are able to offer a top quality product to very selective and demanding consumers who are looking for this special olive oil, which is very rich in anti-oxidants and other nutritional and hygienic properties.

Lantzanakis olive oil products, from Sitia.

The olives are collected by hand and mechanical means and immediately cold pressed according to modern procedures. The fact that the olives are deriving from a single estate and from unique olive tree species makes this oil one-of-a-kind. Sitia in East Crete belongs to one of the few regions that have received the EU quality certification (P.D.O. – Protected Designation of Origin). Olive Oil Sitia P.D.O. defines the special and unique quality attributes (color, flavor, aroma) of the olive oil produced in Sitia which has repeatedly been awarded in international competitions.

Lantzanakis olive oil production.

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