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Going East Crete?

I haven’t been everywhere, but

East Crete is on my list!



East Crete Marketers as a destination management company offers through this platform, real estate, rental and information for the East of Crete. Through this platform "guests connects directly to the managers" and allows a seamless booking experience without hidden travel or booking fees in East Crete. We have over 10 years of experience in building and renting apartments and villas in Makrigialos and East Crete. Not only do we provide a range of fully furnished, quality East Crete apartments and East Crete Villas to tourists and holidaymakers. We also work with international travel companies, allowing you to choose your East Crete Holidays villa, apartment or penthouse from the best selection of properties possible in Sitia, Makrigialos, the outskirts of it and in East Crete. Discover and explore East Crete and get introduced to the Hospitality, the Nature and the Traditions of it.


Hospitality East Crete

The people of East Crete are enormously generous. Here you will discover the real dimension of the Cretan hospitality that has been passed on through generations. The locals welcome their guests and tourists like friends and will treat them like gold. Many visitors come back to East Crete to visit this area year after year. Enjoy their generosity, friendliness and hospitality!


North East Crete

Impressive Nature

The landscape in East Crete is dominated by rough, majestic and impressive rocky mountains and structures, up to 2148 metres high. Split by many beautiful gorges, unique plants, extinct animals and lost civilisations, olive groves, vines and the crystal clear blue sea. In between idyllic small villages with many coves and unspoilt beaches. Nature that will leave you without words.


Tradition and History

Courageous and brave people that have stood up against their many invaders, preserving their tradition of independence, celebrating their victories with music, poetry and dance, together with friends and tourists! The people in East Crete will generously offer their history and tradition to every guest who wishes to visit his sacred land, share with you whatever they have, making you feel at home.


If you are wondering what to do and how to do it, check here to find out what the East of Crete has to offer you and take the chance to enjoy unique experiences from various trips, adventures and activities. As a destination management company our focus lies on travelling in small groups, helping preserve the area in East Crete. By using locally owned accommodation, going to restaurants and local shops, your visit to the East of Crete ensures that the local community receives a direct economic benefit. This website is filled with useful information and Internet links to help you plan your visit to the East of Crete. Whatever you are looking for in your visit to East Crete, we can help you find, or organise it for you. Contact us and let us help you get the most out of your visit. We wish you a great and unforgettable adventure in the East of Crete – see it all, taste our flavours, experience everything, become part of us and join our culture. Click on one of the East Crete Holidays pictures below to find out more about each activity.

Real Estate Marketing

Are you looking for a reliable partner to market and manage your overseas property? With East Crete Marketers we can help you to achieve higher occupation rates for your property through this website.

Real Estate Development

We are  closely involved in the development and sales of luxury properties in the East of Crete. On a case by case basis and with external collaborators we can tailor made provide these services.

Greek Products

Next to our activities in Greek tourism and Real Estate, we also promote products produced and manufactured in Crete and the whole of Greece, in combination with our selected partners.

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