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Dear Crete

Dear Crete, Delicious biscuits

Dear Crete Products


Organic Olive Oil Biscuits

Combining Mediterranean heritage and respect for the environment, Kalabokis Bio is a delicious organic range honouring the East Cretan land that has yielded so much fine produce since Minoan times. Made with natural organic ingredients for health and well-being, the snacks in this range are a perfect combination of traditional and modern nutrition for any time of day.​


Eclectic Fig Cookies

Combining Mediterranean heritage with a delicious modern twist, Kalabokis Eclectic is an exciting range of products combining Protected Designation of Origin ingredients from all over Greece with world-renowned, multiple award-winning extra-virgin olive oil from Sitia. With their innovative taste and aroma, the snacks in this gourmet Cretan range are perfect for any occasion.


Traditional Raisin Biscuit

A more than delicious range rooted in Mediterranean heritage, Kalabokis Traditional is made with world-renowned, multiple award-winning extra-virgin olive oil from Sitia, harvested from special selected olive groves. With the taste and aroma of genuine Cretan recipes, the snacks in this traditional range inspired by Mother Nature are perfect for any time of day.


The world wide distribution of the exports of Kalabokis SA during the period 2004-2015 featured a prominently growth path. Particular emphasis should be given to the fact that in parallel with the gradual geographic expansion of new markets, equal importance was given by the company to the maintenance and development of existing markets. Contact us for enquiries and export details.

Biscuit bio Dear Crete
Bio Biscuit Kalabokis
Delicious biscuits


Delicious, crunchy, double-baked biscuits. Nutritionally rich in protein, a mix of healthy carbohydrates and essential minerals and very low in cholesterol. It is not by chance that they are a favourite daily healthy snack among many people. Kneaded and baked exclusively by hand in Sitia, East Crete. Nowadays they are marketed under the name “Dear Crete”, which is a synonym for a series of excellent handmade traditional East Cretan cookies and biscuits.


It’s the story of the KALABOKIS company that has started around 1920 when confectioner Alkiviadis Kalabokis, a refugee from Smyrna, settles down in Sitia, the East of Crete. In his pastry shop which he opened in the city centre, the inhabitants of Sitia but also visitors from across the island could find unique sweets and tasty ice creams delights, all made carefully with pure and natural ingredients. Based on traditional recipes from Constantinople and combined with traditional Cretan recipes, Alkiviadis Kalabokis created an incomparable blend of flavours being the foundation for the start of very successful journey of the Kalabokis company. All the products of “Dear Crete” are handmade and have as basis the raw material Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Sitia P.D.O., which has been multi-awarded as the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the world.


Nowadays three generations of the Kalabokis family have handed down this Cretan tradition from 1920 to the present. Over the years, using pure local ingredients, they have lovingly created delicious handmade products in ranges such as “Sitian Mill” and “Dear Crete”. In 1950, Alkiviadis’ son, Fokion Kalabokis, took over the family business and started standardising the production, while retaining their traditional character and nature, so that distribution of goods could be extended outside the narrow confines of his home town Sitia, in East Crete. In 1985, the lead was passed on to the third family generation, Alkiviadis and Christoforos Kalabokis, and along with it the unfailing devotion to confectionery, the artistry and the love of tradition were also carefully passed on to the new generation. All the products are based on the same quality of taste and have accompanied the daily and social activities of the Cretan people through the ages. Now these products have travelled all over the world, bringing the taste of Crete into the lives of many people.


The production units ranging over 2.000 square meters are located in the County of Sitia, Eastern Crete. Effective operation of electronic quality control processes and famous for the unique ecosystem, which helps with the production of the purest ingredients. The company is under a continuous process of further modern development, corresponding to EU standards, including expansion of the production units and investment in new and modern production technology. The management is strictly committed to high quality production lines. The technical staff is highly qualified and the quality assurance system following the HACCP restrictions has ISO 22000 certification. Special care is given to high nutrition quality of each product separately. The main message for quality of the products as a whole is, products full of energy in diet fibres, minerals and zero percent of cholesterol.

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