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Water Sports East Crete
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Watersports East Crete



Snorkel in East Crete

The crystal clear and turquoise waters in the whole area of Southern Crete remains one of the best arenas for exercising our sense of discovery, as well as our bodies. When snorkeling in these shallow rocky habitats you will find several of brightly colored fishes like Wrasses and Mullets. Numerous small deserted coves and a wide variety of sea shores, from rocky and wild to calm and sandy, crystal clear waters, brilliant hues of blue, deserted islands, little havens for nature lovers and explorers of the sea world.


Water Ski Makrigialos

Within a range of several kilometers from Sitia or Makrigialos there is all that visitors to East Crete would expect to see. You can try water sports, including banana boat, jet-skiing, wind surfing and water bikes. For those fond of fishing, but also for those who simply love the sea, the Poseidon is available for boat trips or excursions around the beautiful waters of Eastern Crete, both North and South, from Makrigialos to the surrounding islets Chrissì or Koufonissi and all the way to small island of Kassos to the north east of Crete.


Octopus Eastern Crete

Scuba diving is another fantastic East Crete Activity. Underwater you can find gold sand with rock formations like walls, passthroughs and small caves. Mediterranean underwater life with some visitors like pipefishes and triggerfishes. Lots of different shells, anemones and tubeworms are found on the sand. Octopuses and squids are often seen here as well. Typically mediterranean life is found on many spots in relatively big schools. Sea breams, Scorpionfishes, Combers, Wrasses and Mullets are always here.


Kayaking East Crete

Sea kayaking breaks are perfect and a marvellous experience for all active and sportive people with a sense of adventure. It is a chance to discover steep rugged cliffs, deserted sandy bays, deep and crystal clear turquoise waters, as well as many types of wildlife. The coast of Eastern Crete is dotted with fascinating ancient ruins, often found in the remotest, undiscovered and most quit locations. On guided trips you don't need any previous sea kayaking experience. Safety drills and paddling techniques are practised at the start of the trip. Sea kayaking offers the perfect combination of intense individual action, adventure, and sense of freedom. Enjoy the sense of adventure, using nothing more than the strength of your arms. Discovering places where only a kayak can take you and enjoy the beauty and the mystery of the sea. A fantastic experience to find out more what East Crete truly has to offer.


Windsurfing Kouremenos

Eastern Crete, which is famous for its archeology, vineyards, olive groves, rolling hills and indigenous villages that are peppering the coast has now made its name in the world of windsurfing and kitesurfing. Especially Kouremenos, with its long sandy beach and crystal clear water is also blessed with perfect windsurfing conditions, making it one of the most famous windsurfing beaches in Europe. Flat waters and guaranteed wind in the months of July and August, to world class conditions for freestyle windsurfing and wave surfing all year round. At the end of the beach you can find a well organised and professional Austrian School for windsurfing. It is manned by professional teachers, supplying the latest equipment in combination with lessons to beginners and skilled wind surfers. The school is normally open from May to the end of September, contact us for prices and accommodation nearby.


Sailing in Sitia

Do you want to discover the sailor in you and do you dream of freedom and sailing in Eastern Crete? Come and experience the feeling of freedom with your family and friends, sailing the seas of East Crete. Imagine cruising on a blue sea past little white churches and high mountains. Sail through the crystal clear waters and get company from thousands of small fishes around your boat. The fresh Aegean breeze cool on your skin, the gentle droplets of spray flung up by each wave passing under your bows, and the vast blue of the East Cretan sky stretching as far as your eyes can see. Sailing or learning to sail can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you ever will have in your life or during your holiday, but it’s essential to choose wisely. In Sitia you can rent a boat for open sea sailing and Sitia is also the home of the Sitia Yacht Club, offering qualified sailing lessons for children and adults aged from 6 and older.



Not in the East of Crete but in the centre of the island, just about over 1,5 hour drive by car from Sitia or Makrigialos you can find two waterparks on Crete where you can enjoy numerous facilities and have non stop water fun. The Waterparks are packed with an impressive array of attractions, facilities and services. Non-stop aquatic thrill features, high-speed water slides, an extensive lazy river, wave surge pool, lots of swimming areas and a spectacular kids water play area, combined with food and beverage facilities. Get away from the hassle and bustle and join for a unique thrilling experience. Enjoy being entertained in a safe, fun and relaxing environment that adds a tropical feeling to your experience on Crete. Each attraction is manned by a qualified life guard and with a first aid officer at hand, the waterparks place the visitor’s health and safety paramount in order to maintain a secure and safe environment for everybody. They offer an extreme level of excitement and delivers an aqua adventure unlike any other.

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