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Sitia Mediterranean Festival.

Updated: May 12, 2019

One of the most magical festivals and events of Crete this summer will be in Sitia, the town of music in the East of Crete! It will be an exciting rendezvous performed by people of culture and music and an important cultural contribution to the Summer season in Sitia and the area around it.

Sitia Mediterranean Festival.

5th Mediterranean Festival of Sitia.

Various traditions from all over Greece and the Balkans with melodies from the Eastern and Western Mediterranean. Influences of Asia Minor, Istanbul, Crete and the Aegean islands.

Sitia harbour.

The event takes place at the harbour of Sitia at the pedestrian area.

Flamenco and Rebetika songs with violins and bouzoukis in another way, the music and musicians of fire (see the Mitato Films video clip), percussions and drums are just some of this year’s music performances and highlights of the festival in Sitia.

Mitato Films Musicians Of Fire - Official Trailer 2017.

Unique bands in an endless journey of sounds, scents and colours, all joined together in a mix of Mediterranean culture and it’s surrounding countries. Music with no borders accomplished with ecstatic dances and a non-stop journey of sounds.

Guitarist Christos Tzifakis.

Some of the artists this year are the celebrated guitarist Christos Tzifakis, the Stringless band, the Tarab band and Zekiye Yurekli with an orchestra of excellent musicians.

Stringless band.

The 2017 festival program, lineup information and the presentation of the event in Sitia this year are also present in the Mediterranean-Festival-of-Sitia Facebook website.

Tarab band.

This 5th Mediterranean festival full of music will be combined with and exhibition of local handmade creations and various local products. It is organised in the harbour of Sitia at the pedestrian area “Papies” and takes place from June 30th until July 2nd in 2017. Free entrance!

Villa de Mezzo Etia in East Crete.

Zekiye Yurekli with some excellent musicians.


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