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Archaeological and Folklore Museum of Sitia.

The Archaeological Museum of Sitia is located on the beginning of the national road leading from Sitia to Ierapetra. Just at the first traffic lights when you enter Sitia coming from Makrigialos. Parking is easy, just next to the museum is large parking area, only on Tuesday parking is bit more difficult (but still easy to find a spot) due to the local market in Sitia, attracting many people from the area.

The Archaeological Museum of Sitia.

The Museum opened its doors in 1984 and is one of the most important district Museums of Crete. It gathers a lot of exhibits from all the regions of the Sitia Province. It includes exhibits that cover a period of 4000 years, from 3500 BC to 500 AD. In this Museum one can see finds of great value, such as the unique gold hippopotamus ivory small statue from the Minoan period, found in Palekastro (also known as the Palekastro Kouros) amongst many more.

Exhibition Archaeological Museum in Sitia.

The exhibition is divided into four sections, with explanatory notes and maps of the excavation sites, on the beginning of each one. One of the oldest wine presses ever constructed is also on display here, proof that wine making in Crete goes back to the dawn of civilisation on the island. Open 8.30 - 15.00 on all days of the week, except Mondays. Tickets are Euro 4 for adults.

Gold hippopotamus ivory statue.

Another interesting museum in Sitia is the Folklore museum. The Folklore Museum of Sitia was founded in 1975 by the educational and cultural association "Vintsenzos Kornaros" and is located at 28, Kapetan Sifi Street in Sitia. It’s about a 10 minute walk from the archaeological museum and easy to find. When walking to it, go the central square with the big palm trees and from there it’s about 100 meters further up. This museum contains many important folklore exhibits, mainly handwoven materials, embroideries, local costumes and various handmade furniture.

Folklore museum in Sitia.

Each room in the museum has a different theme and has exhibits which come from the lives of the ordinary people of Sitia. A complete loom with all its parts, on working condition, is on display. Here the visitor can examine the whole process of weaving. The loom is currently used by the museum staff, to produce artefacts on sale in the museum shop.

Loom tools Folklore museum in Sitia, East Crete..

The museum gives a very good impression of how people lived in Sitia many years ago. The Folklore Museum in Sitia opens 10:00 - 14.00 each day of the week except Mondays and tickets are Euro 4 for adults (2017 pricing).

Entrance Folklore museum in Sitia, East Crete.

Entrance Folklore museum in Sitia, East Crete.

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