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Mina's Place Traditional Fish Tavern in Makrigialos.

The fish tavern To Steki Tou Mina, translated as Mina's Place, is the first traditional family fish tavern that you will find right on the small harbour of Makrigialos coming down the headland or is at the end when you walk from the lovely promenade of Makrigialos.

Red Greek Easter Eggs.

Eating at Mina's Place is a wonderful experience in a lovely setting and great atmosphere, tables are next to the waterfront with fantastic views both to the sea and the high granite mountains backdrop of Makrigialos.

Easter with great Cretan food.

Excellent grilled and local fresh fish is cooked on a small charcoal grill that exists outside from the tavern's entrance. Apart of the delicious fresh fish at Mina's Place, they also serve a la minute dishes, genuine tasty homemade specials and great traditional Cretan dishes.

Red Easter Egg made in Makrigialos.

Oh-so Tasty​

If you’re looking for crawfish or Slipper Lobster served with spaghetti and a small bottle of Ouzo, then Mina's Place is absolutely the number one place to be in Makrigialos, do not look any further. Mina's Place Slipper Lobsters have no claws, are caught locally and held live and fresh in a small cage next to the restaurant in the sea.

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

They are cooked to perfection with an absolutely superb and delicious tast. Slipper lobsters are unequivocally large crustaceans and most probably they're the best lobsters in the world.

Slipper Lobster with Spaghetti.

Beautiful creatures with sweet, heavenly whitish and superb tasting flesh which comes from the pink shelled tail. At Mina’s they are specially prepared and served with spaghetti in a sauce from organic grown tomatoes. Best with a glass of Ouzo and obviously a must-have.

Cretan lobster with Spaghetti.

Mina's Place is a fantastic restaurant with great local sea food in a wonderful atmosphere. They have a very helpful, friendly and service-orientated staff. Eating at Mina’s will make your vacation perfect in Makrigialos.

Fish Tavern Minas Place in Makrigialos.

Fish Tavern Minas Place in Makrigialos.

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