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Makrigialos fishing adventure with the Poseidon.

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Skipper Michalis Augustinakis of the Makrigialos harboured Poseidon is no stranger to the fishing community in Crete. If you are looking for a sport fishing challenge, then trolling for a giant tuna on a rod and reel will be your once in a lifetime adventure.

Red Greek Easter Eggs.

Bluefin tuna are one of the top game fish in the world and once you hook into one, you will know exactly what we mean. At the Poseidon everything is provided you need, regardless if it is a private fishing charter or a group charter.

Easter with great Cretan food.

You and your friends will be fishing in a licensed boat equipped with everything from rods and reels to marine electronics and life rafts. You are in good hands and your boat captain does have a long history of deep sea fishing.

Red Easter Egg made in Makrigialos.

At the Poseidon you can do specialised fishing trips or simple boat rides for pleasure with safety and satisfaction for amateur fishermen or sea lovers and their families. The Poseidon is available for boat trips or excursions around the beautiful waters of Eastern Crete, both North and South, from Makrigialos to the surrounding islets (Chrissi or Koufounissi) and all the way from Sitia to the small and beautiful island of Kassos.

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The Poseidon is a 9m long and 3.30m wide fishing boat with two diesel engines of 370hp and 30hp. Plenty of space on the deck, comfortable navigation deck, sitting room, twin cabin, toilet, state-of-the-art navigation system with GPS, chart plotter, radar and fish tracking system.

Slipper Lobster with Spaghetti.

Its strong build and high tech equipment (Tubertini sport fishing world champion) for all kinds of fishing, with the right technique for each season. Especially the long experience of a worthy seaman like its skipper Michalis Augustinakis makes the voyage absolutely safe and the fishing experience thrilling, carefree and enjoyable. Michalis speaks perfectly English and is one of the most experienced fishing guides on the island of Crete.

Cretan lobster with Spaghetti.

According to the kind of fishing you prefer, the Poseidon on order can provide you with the best bait available, which will be waiting for you alive in it’s specially constructed small fish tank on board. In a word, the Poseidon is an excellently equipped boat, both for specialised fishing trips or simple boat rides for pleasure with safety and satisfaction for amateur fishermen or sea lovers and their families.

Fish Tavern Minas Place in Makrigialos.

Another great catch at the Poseidon, harboured during summer in Makrigialos.

The Poseidon hosts a maximum of 10 passengers plus Captain when used only for tourism. If it is used for fishing instead, up to 8 people plus Captain can be accommodated. The daily rental of Euro 350,00 is relative to the whole boat from 10am till about 5pm. Just contact us when you want to book your charter and we will take care of all the details for you.

Makrigialos Poseidon Fishing trip.

Have a look at the video below of a fishing trip we did in September 2013. Over more than 500 meters deep we caught a big shark. It was a ‘prehistoric’ cow shark and they are harmless to people. They belong to a family called Hexanchidae, which comes from the Greek for "six arches”, referring to the fact that some Cow Sharks have six gill slits. This is unique since just about every other shark in the world has only five gill slits.

Great video of a fishing trip with the Poseidon.

After a successful fishing trip your catch of the day can be specially prepared in one of the local Makrigialos tavernas near the harbour, making it a perfect end for an unforgettable fishing day. More info on other Watersport activities in the East of Crete can be found on our Watersport section of this website.

Delicious Grilled East Crete Fishes.

Dish prepared at fish tavern Mina's Place, located in the small harbour of Makrigialos.

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