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Koutsouras, South East Crete.

Koutsouras sits on the coast just to the west of Makrigialos, and in terms of tourism is quieter and more low key than its larger neighbour. The village was established in the middle of the last century, settled largely by former inhabitants of the mountain village of Stavrohori, and in the latest census reported a population of just over 800 people.

Koutsouras beach.

Originally Koutsouras was the seat of the municipality of Makrigialos before its merger with Ierapetra in 2011, the village boasts a local post office, a town hall and some local administration offices. The coastline is more rugged than Makrigialos, with smaller beaches of gravel and pebble.

Koutsouras beach and taverna.

Although the main industry is agriculture, there is still a number of tourist related businesses, including a couple of the larger independent hotels in the area, a number of smaller properties offering rooms, and a handful of tavernas and bars that often attract locals looking to escape the more tourist oriented establishments of Makrigialos.

Kalliotzina taverna in Koutsouras, East Crete.

One of the best and most idyllic tavernas in Koutsouras is called “Kalliotzina’. Situated at the seaside, right on the sand and under the shade of the pine trees. Kalliotzina is a favourite spot for locals and tourists because of its fine cuisine, relaxed atmosphere and beautiful sea views. Here you can taste traditional recipes in a big variety, always fresh cooked in extra virgin olive oil which adds a special flavour. During the summer season there is live music by notable artists of the East Crete area.

Taverna on the beach in Koutsouras.

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