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Makrigialos Diaskari beach and taverna.

This lovely view of flowers is next to the unspoiled, quit and beautiful beach at Diaskari (also called Green beach) on the outskirts of Makrigialos and within walking distance of the town. The entrance of the beach hosts also a small but fantastic tavern with simple, but great food in combination with cool drinks and other refreshments.

Red Greek Easter Eggs.

It is probably the taverna with the most idyllic setting in the area and once being in this quit neighbourhood you definitely need to visit this great place. Next to the taverna you can find fantastic beach cabanas, complete with sun loungers and hammocks that tempt you to stay a while longer in their relaxing sway. The area is very peaceful, making it ideal for private and relaxing holidays.

Easter with great Cretan food.

If you are lucky they even have in certain periods fresh Cretan Lobster which they buy from local fisherman's and keep alive and fresh in a small underwater cage in the sea just next to the taverna.

Red Easter Egg made in Makrigialos.

Served with spaghetti and a small glass of ouzo makes it a perfect lunch or diner.

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

If you go for a swim into the sea in front of the Diaskari beach you will discover crystal clear and turquoise waters in combination with pebbles and white golden sand. The beach is secluded between some big rocks making it a perfect habitat for lots of small fishes.

Roasted lamb in Sitia, East Crete.

This beach also remains one of the best arenas for exercising our sense of discovery, as well as our bodies. Especially when snorkelling in these shallow rocky habitats you will find several of these brightly coloured fishes. It’s called Ornate Wrasse (Thalassoma Pavo), this species inhabits coastal waters near rocks and seagrass beds and it feeds on small mollusks and crabs. It can reach 25 cm (9.8 in) in length.

Artwork by Steph Laberis.

You can easily walk from Makrigialos to this beach and it’s also easy to approach by car through taking the small and winding asphalt road which brings you next to the beach with ample parking spots. More info on other beaches in this area can be found on our Makrigialos section of this website.

Diaskari and Lagada beach.

Diaskari beach in Makrigialos is also a great place to snorkel.

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