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Sea Salt from Kalo Nero, East Crete.

Kalo Nero is a small costal village located a few kilometers east of Makrigialos, in the South East of Crete. There are several springs with fresh water, hence the name Kalo Nero (i.e. Good Water) and the beaches around it have bright and crystal clear waters. Some of these beaches have rocks on the seabed where sea salt is traditionally harvested from the evaporation of seawater. Through this proces it retains its moisture and mineral treasure.

Sea Salt in East Crete.

The Kalo Nero sea salt, also known as bay salt, is darker in color as compared to the refined salts due to the absorption of essential minerals from the clay lining of the body of water. The sea salt from Kalo Nero has a mild flavour which is influenced by the minerals present in the bright and crystal clear water. These minerals are iron, magnesium (which acts as a natural anti-caking agent), calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iodine. The salt is high in salinity (or salty flavour) without a heavy mineral taste, of high quality and 100% natural and contains no additives of any kind and is used in cooking and cosmetics.

Kalo Nero Sea Salt and Olive oil from Sitia.

It adds unique flavour to your gourmet creations, steamed vegetables, Greek salads, grilled fish and meats, and is perfect for pickling and canning. It can also be used in Thalassotherapy (medical use of seawater) and spas for relaxation purposes and to invigorate and tone the skin.

Tasty sea salt from East Crete, Kalo Nero.

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