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New Sitia Airport starts operating.

Located approximately 1km from the city center and Sitia port, the new Sitia airport, which initially started operations in July 2015, can handle international and domestic flights and accommodate small- and medium-sized planes as well as charter flights and private aircraft.

Beautiful Sitia in East Crete.

The airport is named after the renowned Vitsentzos Kornaros, the Cretan poet who penned the epic poem Erotokritos. The Airport “Vitsentzos Kornaros” was officially inaugurated by Transport and Infrastructure Minister Christos Spirtzis in January 2016. The airport is a modern, safe and high quality international gateway that will help serve the residents of eastern Crete and strengthen the local economy.

The new Sitia airport terminal in East Crete.

It will give a new impetus to the social, economic, commercial and tourist life of Sitia, Lasithi and East Crete in general. The upgrade of the tourism product is a priority in the region of East Crete and a new strategy for the promotion and the development of projects carried out on this part of the island. The Sitia airport project aims to include and establish Crete as a major hub in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. The City of Sitia is just a few minutes drive away from the airport. Besides rental cars, there are taxis available to any destination on Crete.

Sitia Airport in East Crete.

For more detailed information about Sitia go to our more detailed section of Sitia in East Crete on this website.

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